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Huge saloons , living room , luxury installed kitchen , marble floors huge garden , elictrical shutters , Wall’s Cabinets


The plans also include all amenities including built in closets, washer/dryer area and much more.


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Remortgage Equity Release – Best Deal for Post-Retirement Stage

Equity release programs have been introduced in order to secure the future of the old aged people. To get enrolled with these deals, the main thing that one needs to have is the ownership of a home property. The eligibility of the old homeowners may vary from one lender to another. This is considered to be one of the best methods of earning an extra income to make your life after retirement comfy. Remortgage equity release exhibits several features that make it beneficial for the retirees. Various equity release plans have emerged in recent times and hence, the aged people must consult financial advisors in making an appropriate selection.

After retirement, it becomes difficult for the pensioners to maintain the similar standard of lifestyle that they used to before getting released from work. The equity release plans, therefore, have been designed in such a way that they might help the old individuals in all possible ways financially. The remortgage equity release is a process, according to which the retirees are allowed to stay in their homes, while getting a huge sum of money in lieu of it. However, it is up to the pensioners, whether they want the entire amount together or in the form of monthly installments.

The attributes of these equity release plans also include its unique repayment system. The old homeowners are allowed to pay back the debt whenever they think it to be convenient and affordable. If not when alive, they can also repay the remortgage equity release amount after their death. This is because as soon as the owner of the house passes away, the lender or the financial institution gets complete control over that property. In order to get its amount back, the lender may sell the property on a fixed amount inclusive of the relevant interest amount. This will help him get his entire amount back with interest.

Thus, it is always advised to the people that they must consult their children who are supposed to inherit their home property before getting registered with any of such deals. This is because after the death of the parents, according to equity release plans, the property moves into the hands of the lenders rather than the heirs. However, if they desire to obtain an ownership for it, they are required to buy the property at the specified price inclusive of the interest amount. The main advantage of this remortgage equity release scheme is that it never forces the aged individuals to leave the house until they wish to do so.

The old homeowners can take the lump sum amount and spend it on the maintenance of their home so that is in case they need to transfer the mortgage from one lender to the other, they would be eligible to earn more amount based on the increased value of their property. However, if you are also planning for signing up the remortgage equity release program, you must renovate your house to enhance its condition by utilizing home improvement loans. It will give you the opportunity to earn huge sum of money based on the incremented value of your property.

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